Art In Public Places


Amid the comings and goings of Tallahassee International Airport, there is an oasis of art known as the Artport Gallery. Serving as a cultural gateway to Florida’s capital city, this space highlights the work of local artists and captures the imagination of travelers and citizens alike.

Artport gallery goer

For more than twenty years, COCA has been proud to manage and curate the gallery as part of the City of Tallahassee's Art in Public Places program. The Artport Gallery exhibits the work of established local and regional artists in all media, primarily through solo or two-person shows which are on display for six to eight weeks.


Tallahassee International Airport
3300 Capital Circle SW
Hours: Daily 8 am-11:30 pm
Free and open to the public
All artwork is for sale unless otherwise marked

On now...

Luminosity: Artworks by Penny G. Anderson & Cheryl Sattler
on display from May 31 - August 14, 2017

Exuberant bromeliads and orchids spring to life in tropical technicolor while abstract shapes and organic forms evoke the feeling of an exotic oasis. Though the subject matter is similar, the media and techniques these artists employ could not be more different. Penny G. Anderson is a masterful painter, bending watercolor to her will, whereas Cheryl Sattler coaxes glass into organic shapes you have to see to believe.

These disparate materials share similar characteristics and, even in the hands of an expert, they are not easily controlled. Both water media and molten glass are amorphous and demand that the artists resign themselves to a measure of serendipity. These spontaneous but skillful technicians capitalize on the inherent transparent quality of their art forms. Through a process of layering, their works achieve vibrant, saturated color, and dazzling special effects.  Nearly 30 of their captivating artworks are on display in the Luminosity exhibit at the Artport Gallery.

Penny G. Anderson is a prolific painter and a signature member of the Tallahassee Watercolor Society (TaWS), Georgia Watercolor Society, and the Watercolor Society of Alabama. A Tallahassee native and life-long resident of Florida, Anderson has concentrated on water media since 2004. She teaches locally at the Brush & Palette Studio and has offered her leadership on the TaWS board in a variety of capacities including as Vice President and President. Inspired by music, dance, and the showy blooms in her garden, she says “my joy is in creating and painting a subject as I see it. I draw from nature and paint from the heart.”

Cheryl Sattler grew up in Florida but spent nearly 14 years in Maryland missing the ocean. In 2006, she returned home and she now splits her time between making glass in her Quincy, Florida studio and providing her expertise in education policy to schools, districts, and national organizations. Sattler specializes in kiln-formed glass and she favors lush, vibrant colors and tantalizing textures. Her work has been widely exhibited and was nominated for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award. Reflecting on her spontaneous and organic pieces, she said “the beauty of glass is that it’s a liquid. I try to catch the light and capture the fluidity.”

This exhibition is one of many curated by the Council on Culture & Arts for the Art in Public Places program on behalf of the City of Tallahassee. For more information about this program, click here. For more information about this exhibition, upcoming exhibitions, or the Art in Public Places program, contact Amanda Karioth Thompson at COCA, (850) 224-2500 or

Up next...

Still Life: Paintings by Liu Nan
on display at the Artport Gallery from August 16 – November 6, 2017

Born, raised, and artistically trained in China, Liu Nan has called Tallahassee home for the last fifteen years. In that time, he has completed both a Master of Fine Art degree in painting and a Ph.D. in art education at Florida State University. In an effort to pass along his knowledge to the next generation of artists, he is currently an assistant professor, teaching drawing and painting in the visual arts department at Florida A&M University.

Nan has explored various art forms in recent years, including drawing, watercolor, tempera, and oil painting and his subjects range from figures to landscapes. His artworks have been exhibited across the United States among public institutions, museums, and galleries. Many of his paintings and drawings are in private collections and his work has been lauded regionally and nationally.

In this solo exhibition, Nan offers his most recent still life paintings, following a tradition that dates back to ancient times. Representations of everyday items continue to beguile us as they offer a new way of looking at the ordinary. From musical instruments and teapots to flowers and books, Nan invites viewers to be still for a moment and consider the perfect geometry of a shell or the sheen of a copper mug. By quieting the mind and reflecting on the beauty that surrounds us, we may find magic in the mundane.

This exhibition is free and open to the public. The Artport Gallery itself is located in the Tallahassee International Airport, 3300 Capital Circle SW, and is open daily from 8:00 am until 11:30 pm. This exhibition is one of many curated by the Council on Culture & Arts for the Art in Public Places program on behalf of the City of Tallahassee. For more information about this program, click here. For more information about this exhibition, upcoming exhibitions, contact Amanda Karioth Thompson at COCA, (850) 224-2500 or