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Participants get up close and personal with the gaines street bird mural

Sealey teacher moves the art lesson outside

Natalie Hyder is on a mission to reintroduce her students and their families to their own community. As the art teacher at Sealey elementary school, she knows public art is a powerful tool that can be used to accomplish this goal.

By: Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA | October 19, 2016

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COCA Profile: Stephanie Irigoyen “Graphic artist, Roller Girl concocts Design Week”

Stephanie Irigoyen diligently works at her desktop with headphones in place—a fairly traditional image to conjure up when imagining the life of a graphic designer.

More than 800 people participated in the caldecott carnival

Children’s books in spotlight at Caldecott Carnival

English artist Randolph Caldecott was celebrated in the 19th century for his children’s-book illustrations. In the decades that followed, his legacy might have languished had it not been for the vision of the American Library Association.

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COCA Profile: Danny Goddard “Musician, craftsman Goddard a modern-day polymath”

Outside of a venue in Chattanooga, Tennessee, musician with the New 76ers and local artist Danny Goddard found himself in deep conversation with a peddler. The man was seated on the stoop outside the bar with his dog and guitar trying to earn spare change...

Hannah prasse and tabitha peck prepare for a vocal rehearsal cropped-2

From steel pans to orchestra, Leon 12th-grader finds ‘music is the force that keeps me involved’

In many ways, Leon High School 12th-grader Hannah Prasse is just like any other teenager. She is bubbly, enjoys spending time with friends, and is contemplating her future.

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COCA Profile: Neil Coker “Democrat writer acts, sings, in ‘Jesus’ musical”

Neil Coker knows what it means to be on both sides of a proscenium arch. A writer since third grade, inventing narratives in a worn composition book, he’s always been fond of a pen and paper and felt a pull toward the arts.

Ryan robinson checking on a students progress

Lincoln students reflect on the intersection of art and peace

Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, the International Day of Peace is observed around the world each year on Sept. 21. Shannon Takacs’ art students at Lincoln High School commemorated the occasion as part of a larger unit introduced by her art intern, Ryan Robinson.