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Paco and celia fonta demonstrating the percussive qualities of flamenco for fsus students

Paco and Celia Fonta bring vibrant flamenco heritage to life at schools

Though flamenco is one of the most iconic elements of Spanish culture, its origins are somewhat mysterious. Most of what is known comes from oral histories, passed down from generation to generation, much like the art form itself. Scholars and practitioners agree that flamenco dance and music grew out of the influences of Indian, Moorish and Jewish cultures.

By: Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA | September 21, 2016

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COCA Profile: Scotty Barnhart “Ushers in Florida Jazz and Blues Festival”

Trumpeter Scotty Barnhart will never forget the call that altered his reality. At 27 years old in Tallahassee, he picked up the phone, shaking and incredulous that Frank Foster was on the other line.

Christine childers explaining facial proportions to her class

Teaching art comes naturally to mom & daughter

With only four weeks of real-life classroom experience, 23-year-old Christine Childers is one of Leon County’s newest art teachers. Her degree in education helped prepare her for this profession but not nearly as much as her upbringing has. She is the daughter of Julie...


COCA Profile: Robin Jackson “Actress honors playwright in ‘Zombie Shakespeare’ ”

Actress and theater educator Robin Jackson always eagerly awaited her monthly “American Girl” magazines. Inside were not only a treasure trove of stories, but also an original play. One particular issue featured a girl who worked as a child in a factory. With the help...

Art biography tallahassee photography-2

COCA Profile: Art McConnell “Travel the globe through artist’s lens”

It all started with one picture. Jostled awake by turbulence, Art McConnell lifted his head to see a stunning sunset framing the wing of the airplane. Somewhere suspended between Munich and Berlin, he rummaged through the bag at his feet, located his camera and snapped...

Glenis redmond leading faculty in a brainstorming exercise-2

Apalachee Tapestry weaves art into curriculum

Students are settling into the new school year, but getting there requires a lot of preparation. Parents and kids gather supplies and pick out new clothes. Families rehearse the morning routine to make sure everything runs smoothly. Students fret over their class schedule and if...

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COCA Profile: Stephen Bennett Smith “Outdoorsman’s open air paintings make a splash”

Artist Stephen Bennett Smith is always ready to ride the wave. He’s an outdoorsman in love with Florida’s beaches and oceans, which gave him many opportunities to swim and boat. He was an avid surfer in Long Island, New York, and continued when...