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COCA Spotlight: Roger Raepple “Photographer captures ‘dream world’ with slow shutter”

Behind the camera lens, photographer Roger Raepple surveys boneyards of fallen trees where the shoreline shifts and encroaches on a maritime forest. Moody weather and cloud cover serve as the backdrop for his chosen subject matter. The rest of the photo’s ambiance comes together with curiosity, time, and patience.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | February 19, 2018

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Music Rug Brings Students Together at Buck Lake Elementary School

King Solomon’s legendary flying carpet must have been a stunner. Made of gold and silk, it was fabled to be 60 miles long. Rumor has it, the entire court could hitch a ride.

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COCA Spotlight: Mary Margaret Fernandez “This Month, Storytime at the Grove touches on civil rights”

When describing a house museum, historian Mary Margaret Fernandez wants to sweep away any preconceived notions of a stuffy, cobwebbed exhibition where children are asked to speak in hushed tones.

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Quintet introduces Havana students to musical stories

Capturing the spirit and glamour of the French capital in 1928, George Gershwin’s musical composition “An American in Paris” describes a glittering city, filled with leisurely strolls and honking horns.

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COCA Spotlight: Nancy Redig “Folk dancers take center stage at Matinee of the Arts”

Performer, teacher, and choreographer Nancy Redig’s journey with folk dancing began in a rather unexpected place: Busch Gardens.

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Mustang Choir grows by leaps as group gains musical literacy

Jennifer Thrasher drew five evenly spaced horizontal lines on the board for her newly formed middle school choir. “I asked them, ‘what is this?’ On that first day, nobody could verbalize the name of it but you could tell there was some kind of recognition,”...

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COCA Spotlight: Emilia Addeo “Music majors bring the brass for Prism”

For Florida State University music majors, the week of Prism is something to be celebrated according to junior Emilia Addeo.