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COCA Spotlight: Cheryl Sattler “Artist burns Florida gleam into glass”

Glass artist Cheryl Sattler has been called everything from “artsy-craftsy” to “mentally ambidextrous.” She appreciates the intricacies of making glass into art but is always seeking new and thrilling challenges.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | June 26, 2017

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Arts for all: Teachers learn to eliminate barriers

School's out for summer and even though students are no longer reporting for duty, teachers still are.

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COCA Spotlight: Erika Stone “Artist steps into Blanche’s shoes”

Actress Erika Stone was perplexed by the vintage cover of a 1950s Wonder Woman comic book depicting the Amazonian superhero held in the arms of a man in uniform.

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Art Teacher Barbara Davis Fires Up the Kiln at Florida State University School

Barbara Davis likes to play with fire. As an associate professor at Florida State University School, she teaches high school students sculpture techniques including raku and saggar, firing processes that originated in Asia many centuries ago.

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Strolling through the 1020 ART gallery, you might come eye to eye with musician Ray Charles or the first and only female chief of the Seminole tribe, Betty Mae Jumper.

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Ruediger Students Light Up Studies with Highway Signs

Last month, Tallahassee celebrated the 100th anniversary of the local convention that helped initiate the Old Spanish Trail.

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COCA Spotlight: Linda Bulecza “Ballet’s costume designer gives ‘Wonderland’ inventive look”

If Linda Bulecza, costume designer for the Ballet Arts Conservatory of Tallahassee, could travel anywhere in time, it would be to the industrial era.