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COCA Spotlight: Cheryl Sattler “Artist burns Florida gleam into glass”

Glass artist Cheryl Sattler has been called everything from “artsy-craftsy” to “mentally ambidextrous.” She appreciates the intricacies of making glass into art but is always seeking new and thrilling challenges.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | June 26, 2017

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DeSoto Trail Students Explore Painting in the Wild

The fifth-grade art students at DeSoto Trail Elementary School are working diligently on becoming wild beasts, or followers of Fauvism.

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COCA Spotlight: Terry Wells “Actor relishes playing two roles in ‘As You Like It’ ”

The third time’s the charm for actor Terry Wells, whose appearance in the Southern Shakespeare Company’s production of “As You Like It” will be his third time performing in the play over the length of his career.

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CCS students explore creativity with LeTour

For the past 40 years, Community Christian School has provided Tallahassee children with an interdenominational environment where they can learn and grow.

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COCA Spotlight: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich “Zwilich composes ‘Celestial Dance’ for youth orchestra”

As an accomplished composer, musician, and Francis Eppes professor at the FSU College of Music, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich’s works have been commissioned by some of the most celebrated orchestras and ensembles in the world.

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Notes and numbers go hand in hand at Tallahassee School of Math and Science

Tallahassee School of Math and Science opened its doors to Leon County children two years ago.

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COCA Spotlight: Susan L. Richardson “Apalachicola artist’s gems capture coastal history”

Apalachicola artist Susan L. Richardson believes each of her paintings tells a different story depending on how she’s looking at it.