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COCA Spotlight: Roger Raepple “Photographer captures ‘dream world’ with slow shutter”

Behind the camera lens, photographer Roger Raepple surveys boneyards of fallen trees where the shoreline shifts and encroaches on a maritime forest. Moody weather and cloud cover serve as the backdrop for his chosen subject matter. The rest of the photo’s ambiance comes together with curiosity, time, and patience.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | February 19, 2018

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Link Round-Up from the Arts (Out of Town)

The Mystery of Music What about it has such power over human beings?"We know what a pop song or an opera aria means because the words tell us—but how do we know what a symphony means?"The Wall Street JournalOctober 17, 2009Questions on Diversityby...

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Art: 21-season 5

I’ve been watching the PBS series with relish and, as is the goal of this brilliant program, the episodes have sparked a philosophical discussion in my household. One of the focuses this season is on artists who work collaboratively on large scale pieces. This...

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Winter Festival Youth Art Exhibit Reminder

Hey Art Teachers-The Winter Festival Youth Art Exhibit deadline is approaching fast. I would encourage all of you to participate in this exhibit. The more educators who join in, the better the message we send about the quality of arts instruction in our community. Submit...

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The Non-Local Buzz

SAY WHAT?! MUSICIANS HEAR BETTER "Musical training can improve your hearing, according to several studies presented in Chicago at Neuroscience 2009, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. The studies found that serious musicians are better than other people at perceiving and remembering sounds."NPROctober 19, 2009...

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October is National Arts and Humanities Month

Today the Mayor will present a proclamation celebrating October, along with the rest of the nation, as Arts and Humanities month.Like other "special" months, it's a time to learn more. This time it's about the arts and humanities in our corner of the world...