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COCA Spotlight: Amanda Boekhout “Artist keeps fingers on ‘the pulse of life’ ”

Though she would first describe herself as a painter, interdisciplinary artist Amanda Boekhout has a special affinity for creating performance art.

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COCA Profile: Starr Payne “Alchemy of fire, metal fascinates jeweler”

Years ago, Starr Payne was told she would never look at food the same way again. As a jeweler and metalsmith, textures of even the most mundane cereals or chips, or a stray image from a television show can spark up her ingenuity.

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COCA Spotlight: Jeremy Spinks “Designer talks typography, unveils new font”

Jeremy Spinks is a fan of Helvetica — both the documentary and the font — and isn’t afraid to wield it confidently in spite of its “cliched” reputation in popular culture.

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COCA Spotlight: Sherry Allen “Artist shows her stripes at Brush Strokes”

Walking between seven to nine miles a day, artist Sherry Allen is often on the move. As a country dance competitor, she holds four world titles and relishes excursions that involve biking, kayaking, or hiking — anything that brings her closer to nature.

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COCA Spotlight: Roopali Kambo “Artist bridges culture, time in vibrant design”

Seated at her childhood dinner table, Roopali Kambo could be found flipping through the pages of magazines like Architectural Digest. These publications were ordinary place settings within her family as her parents and siblings pursued architecture in their careers.

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COCA Spotlight: Lisa Mitchell “Singer taps ‘70s tunes for Sundays at Four”

Leading up to a show, singer and professor Lisa Mitchell brews a cup of hot tea. She believes in exercising and preserving one’s voice and finds ways to loosen and warm up her throat, steering clear of dairy, sugar, or coffee products.