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Art Meets Commerce

As a child growing up in St. Petersburg, Julia Crabtree dreamed of the Serengeti, or more specifically, of photographing it. In middle school, she attended a photography camp and recalled, “it all started there with my little disposable camera.”

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Art class world tour arrives at Day of the Dead

As the art teacher at the Success Academy at Ghazvini Learning Center, David Worrell is looking forward to a global adventure with his students.

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Students connect art and dance

For thousands of years, humans have relied on dance and art to tell stories, celebrate momentous occasions, and connect to one another. Like our earliest ancestors, we continue to use these art forms to express abstract ideas, share information, reflect on our identity, and cope...

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Woodville’s new garden celebrates individuality and community

There’s a madness sweeping through Tallahassee and it seems no one is immune. It’s infecting our parks, public spaces, businesses and even schools.

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Children’s creativity runs free at Grassroots

Tallahassee’s Grassroots Free School is modeled on the educational philosophies of A. S. Neill who founded a school in Suffolk called Summerhill. Neil’s methods were child-centered and he adhered to the maxim of “freedom, not license.”

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Opinion: Arts education vital at all stages of life

I remember it so clearly. Standing in Diane Whitney’s music class, learning the lyrics and melody to her original song celebrating Tallahassee, my hometown. Even 30 years later, the chorus pops into my head every now and then.