Arts Education

COCA for Kids

Is your child always covered in marker and swiping paper from your printer? Do you have creative little ones who are looking for arts instruction outside of school? COCA for Kids includes an incredible array of arts experiences for toddlers to teens to participate in. From piano to stagecraft, painting to ballet, your kids will have no shortage of things to keep their hands and minds busy.

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After School and Weekend Classes

The Tallahassee area boasts numerous creative ways to educate and entertain our children. Whether your young one wants to learn to paint or draw, play in an orchestra, or act or dance onstage, these regularly-scheduled arts classes help your kids learn to express themselves in fun and creative ways.

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Individual Lessons

These private and small-group music, art, dance, and other lessons offer one-on-one, individualized attention, catering specifically to your child’s needs, interests, and learning style. Schedule them yourself to fit your busy lifestyle, at the teachers’ facility or in your own home.

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Arts and Cultural Camps

Summer and school breaks bring families the chance to explore the many arts-based camps available in the Tallahassee area. These camps not only offer moms and dads a little break of their own, but provide children with amazing memories and opportunities to explore their special interest. If art, music, dance, or drama is your child’s favorite subject, school breaks are a good time to let them learn and enjoy it as much as possible.

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