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Latin band sparks excitement at Fort Braden

The acclaimed Latin band Orkesta Mendoza has performed in theaters and auditoriums all over the world but rarely in school cafeterias. More than 320 Fort Braden elementary and middle school students were treated to a live concert by the Tucson-based musicians as part of an educational outreach program offered by Opening Nights Performing Arts at Florida State University.

By: Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA | March 21, 2018

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Mustang Choir grows by leaps as group gains musical literacy

Jennifer Thrasher drew five evenly spaced horizontal lines on the board for her newly formed middle school choir. “I asked them, ‘what is this?’ On that first day, nobody could verbalize the name of it but you could tell there was some kind of recognition,”...

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COCA Spotlight: Emilia Addeo “Music majors bring the brass for Prism”

For Florida State University music majors, the week of Prism is something to be celebrated according to junior Emilia Addeo.

Hartsfield Elementary students’ voices ring out in winning video

An oversized novelty check and a television crew were at the ready as Hartsfield Elementary School students filed into the music classroom for a big announcement.

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COCA Spotlight: Mark Bauer “Spotlight shines on Tally Shorts Film Festival”

Like many great inventions of the imagination, the Tally Shorts Film Festival was born in a garage.

Art and business of printmaking register with Rickards students

Custom printing is big business and it’s projected to get even bigger in the next few years. Currently an $8 billion global industry, forecasters predict it to cross the $10 billion mark by 2025.

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COCA Spotlight: Amy Fleming “Artist addresses ageism in ‘Age of Experience’ ”

Tramping through the woods with her husband, artist Amy Fleming rescues the lost and neglected. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors: antique typewriters, rusting gearshifts, china shards, broken bottles.