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COCA Spotlight: ‘Music in your head’

Seventeen-year-old violinist and pianist Jovey Osagie loves Franz Liszt. The Hungarian composer tops out at number one on his list of musical inspirations.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | February 18, 2019

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COCA Spotlight: Tally Shorts Film Fest

Tally Shorts Film Festival Director Carole Robards started her adventures in film as an extra set of hands.

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COCA Spotlight: Randy Brienen

Painter Randy Brienen is proud of the work he and his wife and fellow artist Debra have accomplished in a little over a decade.

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COCA Spotlight:  Passion and precision

Barbara Cohenour first met artist Mark Fletcher while acting as judge for a local art exhibition. As an art historian, educator, and now curator of the Tallahassee Community College’s Fine Art Gallery, Cohenour remembers choosing his work for best in show.

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Young actors launch dreams

Zola Geyer has big dreams. “In 15 years, I want to be on Broadway,” she said. The 11-year-old home school student is inching steadily toward her goal.

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COCA Spotlight: Pure Platinum

Musician Jimmy Wells’ grand piano is his pride and joy.

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Magic abounds during the holidays, especially for children.