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Stitching for others

Susan Kirkland was a bit of a late bloomer. She took ninth grade home economics as a senior in high school. Though her grandmother was a great seamstress and taught her some basic techniques, Kirkland’s love of sewing didn’t come into full flower until her late teens. She’s been sewing ever since and she’s eager to pass her love along to youngsters.

By: Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA | July 18, 2018


COCA Spotlight: Get your groove back with Nia workshop

Valerie Sanchez dances with change. On a two-year trip around the world, she learned to embrace opinions, customs, and the way other cultures interact with movement, music, and community.

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Campers mold clay and shape new talents

“I’m one of those people who can’t stand not knowing how to do something,” confessed eleven-year-old Gordon Lichtstein. Several years ago, his inquisitive nature led him to pottery.


COCA Spotlight: After Pippin, Young Actor prepares for leap to college

While delivering a monologue at her college theater audition for Shenandoah University in Virginia, Camilla Calderon was moved to tears.


COCA Spotlight: Barefoot director brings life lessons to stage

Actress and writer Michelle Nickens will never forget the story of a woman who had been stalked so intensely that she was forced to move, change her name, and start her life over again.

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Students’ civic-minded creations benefit others

Rory Strickland is a third-grader at the School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre and she’s a fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” series.


COCA Spotlight: Bird is the Word for artist Debo Groover

Out in her garden, artist Debo Groover looks up to the trees. She envisions the throngs of birds that congregate overhead leading parallel lives to her own human one. The birds are equal in this imagined universe, with their own tittering tribulations and celebrations.