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COCA Spotlight: ‘Music in your head’

Seventeen-year-old violinist and pianist Jovey Osagie loves Franz Liszt. The Hungarian composer tops out at number one on his list of musical inspirations.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | February 18, 2019

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Del Suggs plays with heart

also: Teacher taps music for inspiration in lectures COCA Notes from Tallahassee Democrat's TLH Magazineby Andrea Personett7/4/10  Del Suggs is an original. He’s one of those people who comes onstage as a stranger and leaves it as a friend. Well-known as a...

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Local communities accrue financial as well as cultural benefits from healthy arts scene

by Kimberley K. Yablonski 850 MagazineJune/July 2010 In today’s struggling economy, one would expect funding for the arts to have taken a big hit and, in many cases, it has. However, a recent study gives arts advocates the ammunition they need to show local...

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Glee as Arts Education Advocacy?...ABSOLUTELY!

Let’s get this straight right off the bat, I’m a “Gleek” and have been entertained by Glee since day one. As a former cheerleader and musical theater performer, what’s not for me to love about this show?...

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TOWN (Tallahassee’s Own) Exhibition

 TOWN (Tallahassee’s Own) Exhibition on display from May 25th-June 13th. Artists’ Reception Set for Friday Evening, June 4th People who live in our wonderful city may be used to seeing these artists as they respond to emergencies, repair utility lines or...

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ART TIMES THREE: Hempel, O’Doogan and Pelc at Artport Gallery

Three extraordinary women. Three talented artists. Three deliciously diverse styles and media: acrylic on birch, watercolor, fine art quilting. The Council on Culture & Arts is pleased to present Art Times Three: Hempel, O’Doogan and Pelc at the Artport Gallery from May 6th...

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Creative Tallahassee 2010 Exhibition

Celebrate the skill, talent, ingenuity and creativity of some of the most exciting artists in the Big Bend area. In a month-long show at City Hall Gallery, the Council on Culture & Arts’ Creative Tallahassee 2010 highlights the work of many well-known Tallahassee artists, as...