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COCA Spotlight: Paradise Park Springs

Lu Vickers’ childhood in rural Chattahoochee was filled with stories. The small town shares a strange past with the state’s mental hospital, but more than that, Vickers always had her young ears open for local gossip while she used her imagination to craft stories.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | March 18, 2019

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Creative Tallahassee 2010 Exhibition

Celebrate the skill, talent, ingenuity and creativity of some of the most exciting artists in the Big Bend area. In a month-long show at City Hall Gallery, the Council on Culture & Arts’ Creative Tallahassee 2010 highlights the work of many well-known Tallahassee artists, as...

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Natural Wonders: the Photography of Miguel Olivella

As stark and stunning as the work of Ansel Adams, Natural Wonders: the Photography of Miguel Olivella, is the latest exhibition at the Artport Gallery. “Mr. Adams was the epitome of what I consider to be the perfect blend of art and photographer,”...

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About The Arts Exchange on the first day of spring…

It's the first day of spring...always good for imagining new beginnings and planting both seeds and ideas. Both start with a dream of what can become. So, today, on the vernal equinox (oooh, that makes me want to start writing like Rudyard Kipling, O...

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Don't Keep Your Opinions to Yourself!

The Council on Culture & Arts wants your thoughts on how we're doing. Your input will be invaluable in making sure we're providing the services and assistance that help to you most--both individually and as an arts or cultural organization.Please take a moment to...

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Don't Lose the Sale!

Problem: Local artists were losing lucrative sales because they didn’t have a merchant account to accept credit cards.Solution: COCA extended the use of our merchant account to members needing occasional, temporary access. Soon after, we realized some of our smaller cultural business members...

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One of the most moving documentaries I’ve seen in a long time aired on January 12th on Independent Lens (a weekly PBS series). Young@Heart, by filmmaker Stephen Walker, is at once a heartbreaking and heartwarming look at the Young@Heart Chorus. The chorus...