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Art for the Sky comes to Conley Elementary

Amanda Karioth Thompson, Council on Culture & Arts Conley Elementary School recently welcomed Oregon conceptual artist Daniel Dancer to their campus. Dancer specializes in Art for the Sky, living artworks made of people. Guided by Dancer, students, staff, and volunteers become human drops of paint,...

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Outside the Frame: Turn everyday items into art

By Nicole TschetterDemocrat staff writer  When most people think of flip-flops they normally think of feet. But when Amanda Thompson thinks of the warm weather shoe, something else comes to mind. “You can buy a pair of flip-flops in four, or five colors...

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Florida workshop series teaches business to artists

By Amanda Karioth ThompsonSpecial to the Chronicle The Council on Cul­ture & Arts is teaming up with Florida Craftsmen and The Arts Business Institute who will pre­sent a business workshop for artists and craftspeo­ple in Tallahassee on April 10-11....

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COCA Profile: Linda Pelc "Pelc combines wildlife, vibrant colors"

By S. D. Green Special to the Democrat Local artist Linda Pelc paints a vibrant portrait of Florida’s wildlife: lines of turtles radiating with reds and electric blues, river otters dappled with a kaleidoscope of colors. Her paintings often start with abstract forms,...

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COCA Profile: Mark Fletcher "Artist Captures Nature in Sketches"

By S. D. GreenSpecial to the Democrat Trips to the doctor’s office are infamous for agonizingly long waits. But artist Mark Fletcher turns every moment into an opportunity to see the beauty in his environment. Once he started sketching the intricate details of...

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Creative Tallahassee 2014

On display at the City Hall Gallery from March 12 - May 5, 2014 Orion's Nebulas by Miguel OlivellaCelebrate the skill, talent, ingenuity and creativity of some of the most exciting artists in the Big Bend area. Highlighted in this multi-media show is the work of many well-known...