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COCA Spotlight: Faith Harkey “Young voices speak loudly for writer”

Seated at her floor desk, author Faith Harkey listens intently. She enjoys feeling grounded with the earth while she creates, likening writing to living inside a dream.

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COCA Spotlight: Marie Donnelly “Musician fires up her fiddle for St. Patrick’s Day”

Listen closely to a track of old-time American music from the hills of Kentucky, and you might uncover traces of jigs, reels, and hornpipes from another world. Musician Marie Donnelly’s great-grandfather traveled from Ireland to Canada before settling in the state where many Irish...

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COCA Spotlight: Tavani Williams “Self-taught artist seeks emotional connections”

Artist Tavani Williams proudly says that he can paint anywhere in his home, however, it’s been a long road to his first major showing at Creative Tallahassee this March, presented by the Council on Culture & Arts at the City Hall Art Gallery.

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COCA Spotlight: Gwen Welliver “FSU choreographer creates variation for Graham dancers”

Stepping into the studio with award-winning choreographer and dancer Gwen Welliver, one can hear verbal prompts to “line, fold, rotate,” or “line, fold, chunk,” or even “line, fold, creature.” As a professor at Florida State University’s School of Dance, students shape themselves around these...

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COCA Spotlight: Roger Raepple “Photographer captures ‘dream world’ with slow shutter”

Behind the camera lens, photographer Roger Raepple surveys boneyards of fallen trees where the shoreline shifts and encroaches on a maritime forest. Moody weather and cloud cover serve as the backdrop for his chosen subject matter. The rest of the photo’s ambiance comes together...

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COCA Spotlight: Nancy Redig “Folk dancers take center stage at Matinee of the Arts”

Performer, teacher, and choreographer Nancy Redig’s journey with folk dancing began in a rather unexpected place: Busch Gardens.