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COCA Spotlight: The Holocaust: ‘Everybody’s story is a miracle of survival’

As founder and former Vice President of the Holocaust Education Resource Council (HERC), Rita Blank firmly believes in learning, reaffirming and sharing our cultural and personal histories.

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COCA Spotlight: Harvesting History

History is alive for Trampas Alderman, the Museum of Florida History’s curator and supervisor for education and public engagement. He didn’t fall in love with the stories of the southeastern United States at a museum exhibit or from a book.

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COCA Spotlight: Florida Guitar Festival all about joys of music

For the first time in Tallahassee, 60 guitarists from all around the state will strum together and present music like composer Sergio Assad’s seminal work, “The Walls” as a classical guitar orchestra.

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An osprey swooped low over artist Mark Messersmith’s head, with a fish tightly secured in its talons. He followed the bird’s flight across the sky, intently watching as an eagle pursued it in a hurried chase hoping for an easy meal.

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There’s a buoyant poignancy within poet Michael Rothenberg’s chirpy children’s poem “Delightful Bird!” Rothenberg — author of a notable body of poetry and founder of Big Bridge Press — is currently Florida State University’s Libraries Poet in Residence.

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COCA Spotlight: Theater with a Mission

Theater with a Mission artistic director Ben Gunter firmly believes in a thespian’s ability to open up dialogue around society’s most pressing topics. As a native Tallahasseean, he’s constantly inspired by Florida’s medley of cultural influences that encompass Hispanic, African, and...