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COCA Spotlight: ‘Music in your head’

Seventeen-year-old violinist and pianist Jovey Osagie loves Franz Liszt. The Hungarian composer tops out at number one on his list of musical inspirations.

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COCA Spotlight: Artigras on Parade

'Party professor' pumps up cultural enrichment with ArtiGras

Chiles carnegie hall blog image

Carnegie Hall is calling for Chiles singers

Chiles High School students now have a personal connection to the classic joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

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COCA Spotlight: World Culture Festival

Rachel “Omega” Matz is looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of her samba troupe, Sambistas do Sol, at the second annual World Culture Festival this February.

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COCA Spotlight: Jim Crozier

In his own words, bassist and guitarist Jim Crozier states he “never couldn’t sing a song.”

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COCA Spotlight: Tally Shorts Film Fest

Tally Shorts Film Festival Director Carole Robards started her adventures in film as an extra set of hands.