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Lessons in architecture

As a child, Frank Lloyd Wright played with building blocks and gazed at the walls of his nursery decorated with engravings of buildings. He went on to become one of the most iconic architects in American and world history. Perhaps it was his early exploration...

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‘I can do something’

There’s a time machine in Tallahassee. It’s not at the MagLab or in some kook’s garage, it’s the State Archives of Florida located in the R.A. Gray Building. This treasure trove of historically significant records, manuscripts, photographs and other materials...

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Learning new tricks

Balancing high in the air on a rope, Campbell Hewitt beamed a wide smile. Though this was her first time attending the FSU Flying High Circus Camp, she took to it like a natural. “I love the cloud swing, the hoop, the small trampoline, the...

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Animation Generation

Working in a movie theater has its perks. Not only can you see all the films you want for free but sometimes they transform your life. That was true for Keith Osborn in 1991 as he watched “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney’s new release. “I...

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Stitching for others

Susan Kirkland was a bit of a late bloomer. She took ninth grade home economics as a senior in high school. Though her grandmother was a great seamstress and taught her some basic techniques, Kirkland’s love of sewing didn’t come into full flower...

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Keep on Strumming

Upon entering the Little Strummers Guitar Camp, 7-year-old Paisley Grace Shepherd handed her instructor an original musical composition. She explained matter-of-factly that she writes her own songs and that her idol is Taylor Swift.