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Campers mold clay and shape new talents

“I’m one of those people who can’t stand not knowing how to do something,” confessed eleven-year-old Gordon Lichtstein. Several years ago, his inquisitive nature led him to pottery.

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Students’ civic-minded creations benefit others

Rory Strickland is a third-grader at the School of Arts and Sciences at The Centre and she’s a fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” series.

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DeSoto Trail teacher drums up interest with mini steel pans

Towards the end of the school year, teachers and students alike dream of a tropical summer vacation away from tests and grades. Randy Baez, music teacher at DeSoto Trail Elementary School, is in a Caribbean kind of mood and her second grade music students are...

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Waging Peace exhibit reaches into the classroom

“How do we proactively practice peace in our lives?” Local artist and educator Sara Chang often contemplates this question. Her photographic collage mandalas symbolize wholeness and balance.

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Young troupe presents a condensed version of play at Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare’s legacy has endured for more than 400 years and there’s no expiration date in sight. A new generation is embracing his works and putting their own spin on them.

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Students team up on sculpture to celebrate school’s 10th anniversary

Conley Elementary school will be marking its 10th anniversary next year and a monumental celebration is planned. All 850 students, kindergarten-fifth grade, have participated in the creation of a special sculpture.