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COCA Profile: Vicki Morrison "State worker crazy for contra dance"

By: Courteney Jones | August 10, 2014

By Courteney Jones 

Special to the Democrat

Vicki Morrison is in the business of getting people moving.

By day, she works for the Department of Transportation. On the weekends, she’s a caller for the Tallahassee Com­munity Friends of Old­time Dance, which hosts contra dances twice a month at the Tallahassee
 Senior Center Contra is a form of social folk dancing with roots in traditional Eng­lish country dance, but it’s more fast-paced, said Morrison. “It’s not like country line dancing, either,” said Morrison. “It’s dif­ferent.”

Though dancers are in line formations for contra, they interact with their neighbors and different partners throughout the dance, unlike country line danc­ing. As a caller, it’s Mor­rison’s job to lead the dancers through a series of moves, called figures.

Though she only re­cently started calling, Morrison has been at­tending the dances for
 about 13 years. “It’s so much fun,” she said. “Everybody’s smiling and having a good time; it doesn’t matter if you make mis­takes. It’s really a lot looser, free-flowing and not as formal as some­thing like ballroom danc­ing. It’s just a ton of fun.” The dances are great for single people, too, said Morrison.

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