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Arts, Culture, & Heritage

Vibrant and diverse, creative and innovative – Tallahassee’s cultural community has long been one of our greatest assets and part of the area’s enduring charm. Arts, culture and heritage are an integral part of the Tallahassee lifestyle. From galleries and historic landmarks to stage performances and music festivals, you can fill your days with one-of-a-kind experiences for all ages. This is where Tallahassee begins….the arts live here.

There's always something to excite the mind and inspire the spirit. Whether you’re just passing through, or settling down - Tallahassee is one of the most unique and memorable cities in the southeast. Brimming with creative energy, new ideas, and world-class talent, there are treasures to be found in Tallahassee and all of the surrounding towns that make up the capital region. 

Tallahassee Creates



Tallahassee Arts

Marvel at the realism brought to life with nothing more than a brush, watercolors, and artistic talent. Belly laugh at an outrageous satire performed by an internationally acclaimed theater company. Discover the haunting sounds of the Chinese zheng, a musical instrument you never knew you loved.

Art in Tally



Culture thrives in our community

Spend the afternoon with Florida panther (at a safe distance, of course) or get a bird’s eye view of our natural treasures as you zip line from tree to tree. Blast off in a space mission simulator or stay down to earth for a tour of the only private residence in Florida designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Experience Culture



Experience the heritage of the Big Bend

Travel back in time to an Apalachee Council House and imagine hundreds of Native Americans dancing and passing along ancestral wisdom. Follow the footsteps of local civil rights activists who led the way towards social justice. Get acquainted with a mastodon that spent 10,000 years submerged in a local freshwater spring…one of the world’s largest and deepest.

Heritage in Tally