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Stitching for others

Susan Kirkland was a bit of a late bloomer. She took ninth grade home economics as a senior in high school. Though her grandmother was a great seamstress and taught her some basic techniques, Kirkland’s love of sewing didn’t come into full flower until her late teens. She’s been sewing ever since and she’s eager to pass her love along to youngsters.

By: Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA | July 18, 2018

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COCA Spotlight: Mandolin player keeps stretching

For acoustic musician Mickey Abraham, Michael Jackson comes closest to healing the world through music. He gets chills when the late singer belts about world peace and love because he believes in its sincerity. Maintaining that sense of innocence and authenticity is the driving force...

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Keep on Strumming

Upon entering the Little Strummers Guitar Camp, 7-year-old Paisley Grace Shepherd handed her instructor an original musical composition. She explained matter-of-factly that she writes her own songs and that her idol is Taylor Swift.

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COCA Spotlight: One-man band brings razzle dazzle to Swamp Stomp

Diving into old blues folklore, Tallahassee-born musician Dylan “RP” Allen uncovered the term ragpicker while working in a local music store. He explains how the timeworn word describes a vagrant who rummages through rubbish and reinvents litter. Shortening ragpicker to “RP,” Allen fully owns the...

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Boats That Float

Three years ago Jessica Pickett built a kayak from a kit. An impressed colleague recommended she connect with area boat building enthusiast Roger Pinholster.

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COCA Spotlight: Artist revisits abandoned things in ‘Back Again’

Artist Christina Klein balanced carefully on the platform of a scissor lift in Topeka, Kansas. Even at a shaky height, she felt an overwhelming sense of community participating in the Brown vs. Board mural that would be proudly displayed in the state capitol.

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Children dance around the world at Wildwood Camp

Robin Stuyverson’s family moved frequently during her childhood and though she faced inconsistencies, dance became the thread of continuity in her life. Her mother wisely enrolled her in dance classes when she was 4 years old and from then on, Stuyverson was involved in dance.