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An osprey swooped low over artist Mark Messersmith’s head, with a fish tightly secured in its talons. He followed the bird’s flight across the sky, intently watching as an eagle pursued it in a hurried chase hoping for an easy meal.

By: Amanda Sieradzki, COCA | September 24, 2018

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Younger cloggers carry on the fancy footwork

Matthew Lombardi has been clogging for half his life and it all started because he’s an ardent FSU Seminole fan. “I went to a Downtown GetDown and there was a clogging performance.” Jeff Wood, founder of the local Mountain Dew Clogging organization, handed Matthew...

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There’s a buoyant poignancy within poet Michael Rothenberg’s chirpy children’s poem “Delightful Bird!” Rothenberg — author of a notable body of poetry and founder of Big Bridge Press — is currently Florida State University’s Libraries Poet in Residence.

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Faith, rhythm keep the beat at Christ Classical

Catherine Miller, music teacher at Christ Classical Academy takes “make a joyful noise” literally and so do her students. Together, they lift their voices as both a learning experience and an expression of faith. Miller hopes to instill an appreciation for music but “in this...

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COCA SPOTLIGHT: Theater with a Mission

Theater with a Mission artistic director Ben Gunter firmly believes in a thespian’s ability to open up dialogue around society’s most pressing topics. As a native Tallahasseean, he’s constantly inspired by Florida’s medley of cultural influences that encompass Hispanic, African, and...

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COCA SPOTLIGHT: Teaching adds to ‘mixing pot’ for artist

Being a mixed media artist, Julie Baroody considers producing and showcasing art as a critical component of her teaching philosophy. Tucked away in the corner of her Tallahassee Community College classroom, she’ll often create work in front of students so they can see firsthand...

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COCA Spotlight: ‘Constantly Learning’

Go deep enough into the archives of any number of major newspapers and you’ll uncover the lost art of fashion illustration. It was a staple in advertising for a number of years before photography became the quick, easy fix for providing pictorial content. It...