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COCA Spotlight: Sherry Allen “Artist shows her stripes at Brush Strokes”

Walking between seven to nine miles a day, artist Sherry Allen is often on the move. As a country dance competitor, she holds four world titles and relishes excursions that involve biking, kayaking, or hiking — anything that brings her closer to nature.

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COCA Spotlight: Cheryl Sattler “Artist burns Florida gleam into glass”

Glass artist Cheryl Sattler has been called everything from “artsy-craftsy” to “mentally ambidextrous.” She appreciates the intricacies of making glass into art but is always seeking new and thrilling challenges.

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COCA Spotlight: Bill Humphries “Exhibit of food-themed work opens Thursday”

Bill Humphries, a pop art inspired painter, works diligently in his studio atop Southern Exposure’s gallery space in Railroad Square.

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COCA Spotlight: Sharon Hester “Biologist captures critters with use of colored pencils”

The only guests to appear in artist Sharon Hester’s dining room are a smidge on the wild side.

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COCA Spotlight: Riko Carrion “Scissors, camera are tools for ‘Picture Tallahassee’ artist”

Photographer Riko Carrion can often be found around Tallahassee with a camera in his hand, but sometimes it’s a pair of scissors instead. Owner and hairdresser at Wavelengths Hair Salon and Studio, he considers his vocation to be just as much an artistic endeavor...

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COCA Spotlight: Will Luck “Spirit, humor pop in Artist’s creative images”

Standing on top of a hospital roof and looking out into the distance, artist Will Luck contemplated his life and purpose. That’s when he says it hit him like a bolt of lightning: art. He’d always loved drawing as a child and taught...